Norcia summer truffle (freshly picked fresh truffles)



Discover the Norcia summer truffle, buy it online or contact us by phone to book it and collect it directly at our Norcineria in the historic center of Norcia. With our presence on the territory we are able to have, practically at any time of the harvest season, the freshest and freshly picked truffles.

Norcineria Laudani is a guarantee of quality. All our products will allow you to bring the best of “Norcia’s cuisine” and typical products of our land to your table, so that you can always keep a little bit of Valnerina at home.

The typical products of our territory, freshly picked fresh truffles and the Norcia summer truffle (the scorzone), can give their best when accompanied by other local and quality products. The summer truffle is one of the best ingredients for the menus of our festivals and village festivals.

Norcia summer truffle harvesting period and the environment.

Discover all the details on the collection and use you can make of the truffle with the thousand ingredients that can be combined.

The recipe we recommend you try is very simple and you can make it by following this video: Norcia truffle fettuccine. Here instead you will find dozens of tasty recipes.


How to collect truffles

Our truffles are all from Norcia, from the neighboring municipalities and from some secret areas of our beloved Valnerina.

The dog is not born ready for the harvest, it is trained and, often, it is joined by dogs that have already been trained in the past, for him it is a game, a challenge, and at the end of the collection he is always given a reward.

If you want more information about the seasoning and distribution of cured meats, or if you want to organize the collection of truffles in Valnerina, as a real moment of more in-depth knowledge of the territory, we invite you to contact us to organize your visit to Norcia and thus prepare a tasting of cold cuts, cheeses and local delicacies.

How to receive them at your home

Truffle shipments are available for both preserved and fresh truffles. Place your order and decide whether to collect them on site or to request shipment.

The price varies throughout the season and we try to keep it up to date, also based on the collection period. Also for this reason we invite you to contact us by phone at the following numbers 33879253383388530222 to request the best available price.

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