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If you are looking for a product capable of bringing the flavor of Valnerina into your kitchen, try Semperlato Farro, a product that is not completely refined. Pearled spelled is wholemeal spelled whose outer part is removed, consisting of bran and germ. In this case, however, the product is semi-refined and therefore brings to your table a product that includes part of what is normally removed with complete pearling.

The origin of the semi-pearled spelled

The semi-pearled spelled from the Serafini company is a product of Monteleone di Spoleto and brings with it “infinite” generations. The territory is so closely linked to spelled as to create a disciplinary and DOP certification.

Another very similar product is the broken spelled from the same company in Monteleone di Spoleto.

What dishes can be made?

The possible preparations with which to use this type of spelled are similar to the recipes in which rice is used. Semi-pearled spelled (or pearl spelled in other processes) can be used in specific recipes or in recipes where rice can normally be used.

Alternative products

Also from the line connected to spelled, other products are available such as:

  • simple puffed spelled
  • broken spew
  • processed: puffed spelled with honey
  • processed: simple puffed spelled

NOTICE: the products on display may be shipped in different packaging / envelope according to availability at our point of sale. It always ensures the same quality of the product, the same origin and the same content in terms of weight and characteristics.

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