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truffles laudani norcineria di norcia

Norcia Laudani was born in the 90s, boasting a wide range of products carefully selected by the Laudani brothers such as hams, cold cuts, cheeses and truffles.
Laudani is a real norcineria of Norcia: we are a few meters after the entrance to Norcia (Porta Romana side). We are waiting for you at the store to let you taste our products: we also prepare cutting boards that can be eaten directly on the spot. Do you want to ship directly to your tables? Thanks to this website you can order products and receive them directly at home in 24-48 hours.

Come and visit us in Norcia. Click on the photo of our shop window to virtually enter our store.

Inside the norcineria (shop and website) you will find, among other things, the following products: ham, sausages, aged products, sweet cheese, pecorino cheese, truffles, oil, wine, spices, homemade biscuits, sauces, pasta, saffron …

Discover our IDEAL BASKETS TO BRING NERO NORCIA TO YOUR HOME! (of course you can also browse the website to find ALL AVAILABLE BASKETS)