Norcia packs

The best way to taste Norcia products is a basket, a Norcia pack. Every day we think about what to give to loved ones during the holidays or on the occasion of an anniversary. With Norcineria Laudani this task is simpler as we give you various proposals suitable for every occasion, especially for the period in which you need to stay at home discover the packages from Norcia.
Baskets from Norcia
All the packages on this page are carefully prepared by our Norcineria located in Corso Sertorio in Norcia. The products are carefully selected and their quality is constantly checked. Our goal is to give everyone the best product available on the market that can make Norcia and all of Umbria taste on your table, both during a party and on every special day for your life.

The gift packages are of different sizes and are sent by express courier. Our products are delivered within 24 hours in 90% of shipments. The remaining 10% arrives within 48 hours. (estimates on the confections made excluding the most inaccessible areas).

Give a basket from Norcia and bring taste and flavor to your plate!

Norcia packs
For those who visit Norcia it is possible to request the free collection of the packages available on the site also at the Norcineria itself, thus avoiding shipping costs and eliminating delivery times. By placing your order on the site you can also select to collect on site (in Norcia).

Do you want to make a special and unexpected gift? Order a Christmas box and ship it directly to your loved ones. We also make deliveries to different recipients, as long as it is specified in the order form.

Do you have doubts? Do you want to find out more about our products? Do you want to understand the difference between the various Norcia packs? Contact us by phone or send us a message via Messenger

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  • basket l amatriciana norcineria pasta

    Basket L’Amatriciana

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  • Cesto di Natale Fratelli Laudani

    Basket of the Laudani Brothers

    Sale! 60,00
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  • Basket The Tradition of Norcia

    Basket The Tradition of Norcia

    Sale! 54,00
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  • basket with ham, cheese and lentil

    Basket with ham, cheese and lentil

    Sale! 64,00
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  • christmas basket

    Christmas basket pack of 70 euros

    Sale! 72,00
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  • Christmas box packaging

    Christmas box packaging

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  • norcineria laudani confezione da 63 euro

    Christmas box: Harmony gift (base)

    Sale! 75,00
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  • Christmas package of Norcia products for families

    Christmas package from Norcia

    Sale! 52,00
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  • Christmas savings pack

    Sale! 33,00
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  • Christmas taster packs

    Sale! 32,00
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  • Custom packaging box

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  • gift from Norcia

    Gift basket from Norcia the truffle

    Sale! 63,00
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Showing 1–12 of 38 results