Ham and cured

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  • Flake of ham

    Sale! 28,00
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  • Mountain ham 9/10 Kg

    Sale! 140,00
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  • national ham with slice cut bone

    National ham with bone

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  • prosciutto di norcia igp poggio san giorgio norcineria laudani_da_raw

    Norcia ham IGP 9/10 kg

    Sale! 155,00
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  • whole bacon pieces stretched bacon norcineria laudani

    Pig cheek

    Sale! 4,0014,00
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  • pocket ham label under norcineria laudani

    Pocket ham

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  • Pork stretched bacon

    Pork stretched bacon

    Sale! 5,00
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  • Leg of cured pork leg

    Stalked ham, cured leg of pork

    Sale! 110,00
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  • mortadella with truffle from norcia

    Truffle mortadella

    Sale! 12,00
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Showing all 9 results